(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. command, exhort, instruct; assess, tax; set a price; burden; debit; strike, attack; fill, load, prepare; accuse, blame. —n. accusation, allegation, impeachment, indictment; command, order, mandate, requirement; onset, onslaught, attack; price, expense, tax, burden, liability, encumbrance, assessment, rate, debit; supervision, custody, ward, trust, care; load, blast. See advice, debt, payment, commission.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A charged sale]
Syn. entry, debit, carrying charge, credit, sale on account; see also sale 2 .
2. [Fee]
Syn. cost, price, assessment; see price .
3. [An attack]
Syn. assault, invasion, onslaught, onset; see attack 1 .
4. [Superintendence]
Syn. supervision, care, custody, management; see administration 1 , command 2 , custody 1 .
5. [A quantity of explosive]
Syn. clip, round, blast; see ammunition , explosive , load 3 .
6. [An address to the jury]
Syn. admonition, statement, adjuration; see speech 3 .
7. [*Pleasurable excitement]
Syn. thrill, kick*, bang*; see enjoyment 2 , thrill .
in charge (of),
Syn. responsible, controlling, managing, supervising; see managing , responsible 1 .
1. [To ask a price]
Syn. require, impose, sell for, fix the price at; see price .
2. [To enter on a charge account]
Syn. debit, put on one's account, charge to one's account, run up a bill, receive credit, take on account, incur a debt, put down, credit, accredit, encumber, buy on credit, sell on credit, buy on the installment plan, buy on time, pay with plastic*, chalk up*, put on the books*, carry*, put on the cuff*, put on one's tab*; see also credit 2 , sell 1 .
Ant. pay cash down, buy for cash, sell cash and carry.
3. [To attack]
Syn. assail, assault, rush, storm; see attack 1 .
4. [To accuse]
Syn. indict, censure, impute; see accuse , censure .
5. [To load]
Syn. fill, fill up, replenish, energize; see fill 1 , load 1 , 3 .
6. [To command]
Syn. instruct, direct, entrust; see command 1 , commission .
See Synonym Study at accuse , command .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. fee debit, *damage, bill, cost, amount, price.
2. care custody, burden, duty, trust, onus, obligation, ward.
3. accusation allegation, indictment, citation.
4. attack offensive, *blitz, assault, raid.
5. order command, directive, demand, instruction, mandate, behest, bidding.
1. bill levy, debit, *ring up, demand payment.
2. debit one's credit account take on account, put on one's tab, incur a debt, buy on credit.
3. burden load, weigh, tax, saddle, entrust.
4. accuse allege, indict, impute, blame, incriminate, *point the finger at, impeach.
5. attack raid, blitz, assault, storm, rush, assail.
6. order command, direct, demand, instruct, mandate, bid.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To be morally bound to do: bind, commit, obligate, pledge. See OBLIGATION. 2. To place a trust upon: entrust, trust. See TRUST. 3. To make or become full; put as much into as can be held: fill, freight, heap, load, pack, pile. See FULL. 4. To place a burden or heavy load on: burden1, cumber, encumber, freight, lade, load, saddle, tax, weight. See OVER. 5. To cause to be filled, as with a particular mood or tone: freight, imbue, impregnate, permeate, pervade, saturate, suffuse, transfuse. See FULL. 6. To put (explosive material) into a weapon: load. See PUT IN. 7. To give orders to: bid, command, direct, enjoin, instruct, order, tell. See OVER, WORDS. 8. To make an accusation against: accuse, arraign, denounce, incriminate, indict, tax. See ATTACK, LAW, PRAISE. 9. To regard as belonging to or resulting from another: accredit, ascribe, assign, attribute, credit, impute, lay1, refer. See GIVE. II noun l. An amount paid or to be paid for a purchase ; cost, price. Informal: tab. See TRANSACTIONS. 2. A fixed amount of money charged for a privilege or service: exaction, fee, toll1. See MONEY, PAY, TRANSACTIONS. 3. A quantity of explosive put into a weapon: load. See EXPLOSION. 4. An act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion: burden1, commitment, duty, imperative, must, need, obligation, responsibility. See OBLIGATION. 5. A person who relies on another for support: dependent, ward. See GIVE. 6. The function of watching, guarding, or overseeing: care, custody, guardianship, keeping, superintendence, supervision, trust. See CARE FOR. 7. The state of being detained by legal authority: confinement, custody, detention, ward. See FREE. 8. An authoritative indication to be obeyed: behest, bidding, command, commandment, dictate, direction, directive, injunction, instruction (often used in plural), mandate, order, word. See OVER, WORDS. 9. A charging of someone with a misdeed: accusation, denouncement, denunciation, imputation, incrimination. Law: indictment. See ATTACK, LAW, PRAISE. 10. A Swift advance or attack: blitzkrieg, rush. See APPROACH.

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